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Aloha and welcome to our site,

Mike Sone, HBDA PresidentI’m Michael Sone from the Central Maui Chapter. I first got introduced to ballroom dancing at the age of 10 when my aunt and uncle who were students of Eugene and Harriet Ichinose, showed me and my sister my first box step. Little did I know that years later, I would be President of the legacy that they left behind.

When I consented to take the leadership of the HBDA, I did not realize that I would be walking into the greatest challenge the nation and the world have ever faced, the CoVid-19 pandemic. The challenge is to keep Eugene Ichinose’s vision alive for social dancing. While large dance classes may be further down the road, we can break into the new paradigm by having smaller group classes and more private lessons.

As your president, I have seen the core leadership moving in the direction to operate HBDA in a new and safer but especially healthy way. It is my hope we can adapt and come out of this successfully and be a role model for other organizations that have to apply social distancing guidelines and other protocols that deeply challenge our present mode of operations.

I would ask that each member retain the air and spirit of social dancing while maintaining the smile and the laughter and most importantly the elegance of ballroom dancing. Know that each one of you personifies the characteristics that will keep this organization vibrant.

As we push forward into 2020 and beyond, let us continue to celebrate the art of dance and the enduring, lasting relationships that form because of our love for dance.

Keep on dancing,

Mike Sone, President

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