Welcome to Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association

Willy Dionisio

HBDA is one of the largest ballroom dance organizations in the State of Hawaii. For over 58 years HBDA continues to provide our community with a quality dance program at a reasonable cost to our members. As an outreach to our community, we have established numerous chapters here on Oahu. The HBDA Dance Studio, which offers dance classes five times a week, is located in Aiea. In addition we have chapters located in Kailua, Kaimuki, Kaneohe, Kapolei and Mililani. We also have chapters serving the East Hawaii and Central Maui communities.

Our volunteer dance instructors teach a number of dance styles at the chapters, to include:

  • American Social Bronze I/II Style (Basic)
  • American Social Bronze II/Silver Style (Advanced)
  • International Style
  • Line Dance/Fitness Class

Please browse our Website for specific information on classes and locations. As we are currently updating our Website, please contact us by phone or email for the latest information. HBDA’s office number is (808) 753-8673, and email address is benny.agbayani@hawaiiballroomdance.com.

Willy Dionisio
HBDA Council President